Sunday, May 12, 2013

CFR Knockoff Exhaust

Wow! This a hard decision to make!! Mostly because I don't have unlimited funds to do all that I want right now. If I could I would have installed true duals with headers, CFR Exhaust, Fuel Management System and a High FlowAir filter. But for now I chose to go with slip-ons to get a better sound than the stock exhaust.

I researched and researched and researched. I listened to a ton of on-line videos and even heard some in person. My first response was CFR's all the way, but when I went to order them they were on back-order for an undefined amount of time. So...I got impatient and looked at other brands that might have a similar sound. The Supertrapp and Kerker 4" Stouts were going to be my next choice until I really started thinking about the price tag of slip-ons. I know it is a Harley and I shouldn't be cheap, but hey, if I can save a couple of bucks I will. I remembered coming across some YouTube videos of these CFR Knockoffs but I really didn't know much about them until I saw a post on the forum. There were a couple of Harley owners that had them and they really had nothing bad to say. It took me a little research to find out where they were available. Sure enough, there they were on eBay for $199. KC Industries Megaphone slip-ons. So far everything I had heard and read (along with the price) sounded too good to be true. Still a little skeptical I reached out to someone who had recently purchased a set from the seller to see what he really thought about the sound, chrome finish and overall quality of the pipes. About 2 hours later he responded with very positive comments. That was enough for me and before I even finished reading the response I hit the "buy it now" button and they were on their way.

Now came the anxious waiting period for FedEx to get them to me. I felt like I was Ralphie in A Christmas Story waiting to receive his Orphan Annie secret decoder from Ovaltine.  A friend who is probably more of a motorcycle enthusiast than I, came over to give me a hand and share in the monumental event  Hard to believe, but the pipes came on time!

I will walk you through the step-by-step process. But first here is a short video of what the stock exhaust sounded like.

Step 1. First remove the bags by turning the clips inside the bags counterclockwise about 180 degrees and gently lifting the bags off of the chrome bar. Remember to place the bags in a safe place out of the way so you don't accidentally knock them over.

Step 2. Loosen the exhaust clamp using a 9/16" socket and remove the two bolts on the rear exhaust hanger using a 1/2" socket. Make sure you support the rear of the exhaust when removing the last bolt so the weight of the exhaust doesn't place any pressure on the header pipes.

If you have another set of hands to help you should have the person support the header pipes while you gentle wiggle the old pipes off. Once the pipes are off, slide the exhaust clamp off and set it next to its original  side. At this point I removed the nut from the clamp and applied a thin coat of anti-seize. I have read that some people have had a hard time loosening the nut after there are miles on the motorcycle and I do plan to switch to true duals in the future when I win the lottery. Another discussion is that you have to get new clamps. I have read both opinions and decided to re-use mine. Even with 16,000 miles on my bike they seemed to be in perfect condition.Here is where I got the anti-seize.

Next I took 0000 steel wool and cleaned off the header pipe where the new exhaust was going to slip on removing and light rust or corrosion. Then gently slide on the clamp to each exhaust pipe and slide the new exhaust onto the header pipe. I slid them up to the old location on the header pipe. (You can tell by the scuff marks from the old exhaust pipe). 

Before I replaced the 1/2" bolts in the rear hanger I applied a small amount of blue Loctite or Permetex. Either is good. 

Before I tightened any of the bolts I visualized the distance the exhaust was protruding out the back beyond the rear edge of the bag and the used a level to align them to the same distance.

You might run into the new pipes no sliding on very easy. I had to take a 1-7/8" hitch ball and open the end of the left pipe's flanges. I put the hitch ball in a vice and placed the flange side of the exhaust pipe over the ball. Very gently I tapped the other end of the pipe with a rubber mallet. Don't hammer it down onto the ball so it slides in, just tap it enough to open the flanges slightly. After you take a couple of taps to it try and fit it on until it slides on.

Next turn the exhaust clamp so the nut and bolt are the least visible when you look from the side. Torque the nut to about 50 ft-lbs. I say about because I really couldn't find an exact figure out there except for a range. 45-60 ft-lbs. After you have those tightened go ahead and tighten up the hanger bolts.

The final step it to take Windex and a soft clothe towel an wipe the pipes down to remove the packing oil and fingerprints.

Here is where I got the pipes:

Re-install your saddle bags and start it up!!!

Please feel free to let me know what you think and comments. Thanks.

Our New Arrival

Here is some very simple advice. When she speaks...LISTEN!

My desire to own a Harley really didn't some into play until I actually started working at a Harley Dealership in 2006. Before then I had always worked in a metric dealership and have owned them all. When I was at Harley, I saw the true passion and bond that people really have with their HOGS. It was then to have one!!!!